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Our Expertise

Our founders have more than 50 years of experience in Electronic Cash Registers (ECR), Retail Information Systems (RIS), and Point of Sale (POS) business; they are the true pioneers of electronic systems in supermarkets. The founders organized Windsor Systems Group as a full-service IT consulting firm for grocery, hospitality, general merchandise and quick service, capturing knowledge and recruiting industry veterans to solve the most complex industry problems. Today, as a Barquin Group enterprise, our company has the best talent available to meet any management, communications or information technology needs to serve retailers anywhere and anytime. 

Windsor Systems Consulting Services provide a diverse range of services to our customers. We frequently are contracted to assist customers to stay current with software features and business processes. We can help improve the value of employee work being performed or eliminate the work if possible. We help customers do business electronically with other companies.

Windsor Systems can help you with Business Reviews. When you question processes and receive the answer, “we’ve always done it this way,” there’s probably not a better reason for a professional business review. If you can’t get to the real answer, conduct a business review using our consulting team to lead the way. Our consultants work with your company to understand where gaps exist and how to eliminate them.

To get the most of your Windsor investment, consider our consulting services to assist with the best use of our systems, rolling out new features, one-on-one training, reviewing and enhancing your business procedures, and more. Our consultants are skilled in accounting, retail, business intelligence, management, strategy, data warehouse, IT management, corporate development and other areas. Windsor can help you be more competitive and successful.

Certified by industry leaders such as Microsoft, Retalix, Datalogic, Aloha, Epson, Hewlett Packard, Toshiba, NEC, Pricer, Aeris POS, Honeywell, IBM, Panasonic, Kilotec, IBM, Symantec, Maitre'd, Motorola, Symantec, Microsoft, NCR, Fujitsu, Cisco, CompTIA A+ & N+, Oracle, Apple, and RSPA, among many others, our technical consultants specialize in any network installations. They can assist in converting your existing network to Windows, or they can configure your network from scratch.

Windsor's Technical Services includes a full-service repair center to provide warranty, maintenance and repair of all available hardwares in the market. Our technicians are trained and manufacturer certified specialists that can service any machine, peripheral, scale, printer, mobile or supermarket industry product. Some of the available services are hardware recommendations, hardware staging, virus protection and remediation, disaster recovery and business continuity planning, information technology architecture, data management strategies, business intelligence, knowledge management, domain and network migration, installation of Microsoft® Windows Servers, Microsoft Hyper-V server virtualization, VMS, Open VMS, and other IT consulting.

Windsor Systems can meet all of your organization's hardware and software needs beyond Point of Sales (POS) and Retail Information Systems (RIS). From any type of computers, laptops, netbooks, servers, scanners, handhelds, tablets, scales, printers, switches, hubs, telephony, cameras, keyboard, cash drawers, PIN Pads, and peripherals, among others, to all type of out of the box software. Windsor can also custom develop your software in part or from scratch.

Today's global and highly specialized business environment demands in-depth knowledge in communications & information technology (ICT) to increase the probabilities of success. Windsor's consultants are well qualified and experienced professionals with knowledge to help you procure the best products and services in ICTs. Our executives have been at the top of the wholesale distribution business, have the relationships and leverage to bring you the best deals in the market.

Windsor Systems is a distributor of most products in its catalogue, and reseller, partner or dealer for the remaining products in its portfolio. Windsor Systems is a one stop, retail information systems and management consulting firm that will satisfy all of your business needs on-time and on-budget, effectively and efficiently.



Technical Services


Hardware & Software


Windsor Systems can also provide your company with outsourcing services that provides store automation, inventory control, merchandising, payroll and management reporting services to businesses in any industry.

In today’s competitive environment, executives face the challenge of reducing costs while implementing innovative solutions to increase efficiencies and profits. The expense of acquiring sophisticated systems and the expertise required to operate and maintain them, leave many organizations at a competitive disadvantage. Even companies with the financial ability to purchase or develop internal systems are evaluating alternative methods to more effectively and economically address business processes. Outsourcing providers optimize efficiency and profitability by driving technology, processes, and disciplines for the companies they serve. Windsor Systems can provide your organization with outsourcing service that provides store automation, inventory control, merchandising, and management reporting services. Regardless of a company’s size, the services we provide result in tremendous benefits.

The Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing may not be right for every company; however it is a strategy that is effectively employed by large and small businesses alike. Executives considering outsourcing generally seek benefits in following areas:

Performance — Information drives business performance. Performance is defined as productivity. When productivity goes up, costs go down.

Expertise — The development and operation of complex systems requires individuals with specific knowledge and skill sets to efficiently operate them. An outsourcing provider maintains this level of expertise to remain competitive and satisfy customer requirements

Reduction in On-Going Costs — By outsourcing business processes, the cost of hiring personnel, training, and managing employee turnover are eliminated for positions affected by the outsourcing process. The maintenance of internal systems is also eliminated and the general cost of overhead (desks, supplies, equipment, etc.) is reduced.

Driving Technology Into Your Business — Technology creates a rapidly changing business environment. An outsourcing supplier must provide a migration path to economically move your company from one platform to another while providing solutions to business issues and opportunities.

Tools for Tighter Control — Operators are provided timely management reports to assist in monitoring operations and inventories. Daily reports provide exception-based information, such as cash over/short; weekly reports provide trend analysis, and monthly reports provide ranking analysis.

Tools for Better Performance — Operators can more effectively run their business and enhance sales based on timely and accurate information. Management reports afford quick visibility to performance issues.

Labor Savings — The system affords efficiencies based on automation processes; i.e. daily closes. This allows operators to complete paperwork in less time than previously required using a manual process.

Automated Payroll Time-Keeping — Provides accurate calculations of payroll hours that can be tracked by day and by employee.

Track Accounts Payable Vendor Status — With consistent and accurate entry of accounts payable invoices, operators are able to monitor vendor activity and research discrepancies by invoice.

Greater Vendor Control — With the implementation of a pricebook, there is greater control over vendors in acceptance of authorized products and the implementation of negotiated prices. This typically allows operators to increase margins through better controls.

WSG offers installation services designed to get you up and running as quickly and as easily as possible. We also offer project management services, training and programming.


Project Manager - Every new customer is assigned a dedicated project manager, who guides customers through every step of the installation process, including:

  • A configuration review to collect all of the required information to configure your system.

  • A site prep checklist to make sure everything is ready prior to the arrival of the system.

  • A programming consultation to assist you with organizing menu categories and layouts.

  • Coordinating your training. The PM will work with you to create a training schedule and be available to respond to any questions or topics not covered in our standard training materials.


Additional Optional Services

  • System Installation – Our staff is available to provide on-site services to assist with the physical installation and set-up of the system.

  • Menu Programming – Our staff will configure and program the system with your menus.

Decades of industry experience make Windsor University a leading training provider. Our instructors are subject matter experts who provide hands-on training to make the learning experience fun and interactive. Windsor University classes give you an opportunity to interact with others in your industry, allowing you to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of Windsor users.

In addition to our regularly scheduled courses, we periodically offer regional training courses in centralized training centers across the United States. Regional training is scheduled with respect to customers in a single geographic area expressing interest in the same course(s), to minimize your expenses and maximize your attendance. You may also elect to host a Windsor University course at your location.

When you require focused training and may not have the time or budget to travel, consider online training. Classes include various topics designed to help you improve and renew skill sets while increasing the bottom line.

Online presentations are 60 minutes in length, followed by a 30-minute question and answer session. All participants need is a phone to hear the presentation and an Internet connection to view the lesson. Train an entire department in one lunch hour training session!


Windsor offers CPE credit for each registered attendee. If multiple individuals in your organization would like to receive CPE credits, each person must register independently and pay for a separate connection to ensure participation.


The on-line training system is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. This allows our customers to receive training when it fits their schedule. There is no limit on how many times you can review each training topic. You decide when you are comfortable with the material. By keeping costs low we can pass the savings on to our customers. Each customer is assigned a project manager who is available to answer any questions not covered in the training system.


If a Windsor University class does not exist for a particular subject, our instructional designers can work with you to develop a customized curriculum. We use an instructional design methodology that ensures the proper needs analysis, field-testing, and measurements are in place for a successful learning experience.

We can provide any level of training assistance you require. Our custom training incorporates:

  • Curriculum development

  • Training the trainers

  • Training staff and store personnel

  • Supporting your store rollout with home based support

  • Video and audio training library

Nowhere will a retailer find a better partner in the Point-of-Sale and retail management systems business.  Windsor can provide POS products and services remotely in the cloud or traditional on-site solutions.  The company carries the leading POS & RIS solutions in the market to cater to your unique industry needs.


Windsor Systems offerings include technology solutions for the full pectrum of retail operations. rengineering the traditional Point-of-Sale environment to bring technological innovation to all corners of the enterprise and beyond.  Our solutions are complemented by trustworthy hardware and relible softwarebacked by Windsor Systems' multi-national and multi-cultural services infrastructure.

Windsor Systems Group of Puerto Rico has the solution for the handling of merchandise, from ordering to sales. The company carries a wide variety of hardware and software products and solutions to serve any customer needs. From the ISS45 system from NCR's Retalix/StoreNext (possibly the strongest point of sales system in the industry) paired with our own proprietary WinBos BackOffice system will help run your business efficiently and profitably to NCR, Fujitsu, IBM, ToshibaTec, Hewlett Packard, NEC, Panasonic, Toshiba, and private label products.

Windsor Systems is at the forefront of retail solutions that include Point-of Sale, Back-Office, and Enterprise Solutions for single, multi-store, and chain environments. Our computer programmers have developed code and interphases for the leading software vendors and POS, including creating some of the primary payment and sales tax collection venues in the region. Windsor has Credit, Debit & EBT Processing, Frequent Shopper Programs, Customer Price Checkers, WSPPC Price Acquisition Software, Visual WinBoS Back Office Software, PCI & IVU Loto Compliance solutions.  Windsor's secure payment processing solutions are certified by the leading processors doing business in the region, including Evertec, Softek, Elavon and Connected Payments, among others. 


From custom, proprietary solutions to industry standard leaders' software and solutions for wholesale distribution and warehouse management to grocery, drug, hospitality, specialty store, fuel, entertainment, quick convenience and general merchandise, Windsor Systems is the leader in POS and POS Management in the Caribbean and a rapidly growing dealer in the rest of Latin America and US Hispanic markets. 


The Windsor Systems Group (WSG) Support Staff are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our team utilizes the latest technology and tools to ensure the highest level of support possible. We offer many different support options, including pay per call, time & material, and support agreements.


New Remote Monitoring & Back-up Service!

Our Platinum Support Agreement offers Remote Monitoring Service that actively monitors alert conditions in your POS system. When an alert is activated a notification is sent to our support staff, frequently before the end user even realizes there is a problem.


The Platinum Support Agreement also includes Remote Back-up Service, backing up your database and important documents on a weekly basis. Our back-up service provides an additional level of security for disaster recovery.


Credit Card Security

Our software packages have been certified as compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).


Utilizing a compliant Payment Application is only one component of the Security Standard. These Standards are established by the payment card industry and further information can be found at many on-line websites including


The PCI Security Standards Council’s mission is to enhance payment account data security by driving education and awareness of the PCI Security Standards. The organization was founded by American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB International, MasterCard Worldwide, and Visa.


POS Management


Education & Training




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