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Our Team


Management Team

Windsor Systems Group is led by a group of experienced management executives with a proven track record of management in numerous organizations. The organization is led by serial entrepreneur Dr. Ramon Barquin, President, former Editor-in-Chief at Computerworld & PC World Magazine in Spanish and over 25 years as C-type executive. Daily operations are managed by Eng. Carlos Hamill, Chief Executive Officer, who is the former General Manager at IBM Puerto Rico & Caribbean, and supported by Mr. Carlos Garcia Soler, Chief Financial Officer, former ITT Puerto Rico President and Partner at Cadierno and Peak Co. Mr. Angel Rosario, serves as Chief Information Officer, a former Manager at Digital Computers, and supported by Mrs. Evelyn Toledo, Chief Administration Officer, previously administrator at SPS and Assitant to the Territory Manager at HP, Oracle, and Digital Computers in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Technical Team


Windsor Systems Group has an experienced technical support team, many who have been in the business since its foundation.  The team is led by Mr. Eduardo Rodriguez, who started in the industry 20 years back with Microsoft RMS. The technical team includes the following executives: Mr. Luis Ramirez; Mr. Samuel Hernandez; Mr. Dennis Cora; Mr. Ismael Hernandez; Mr. Wilfredo Santiago; Mr. Carlos Negron; Mr. Derek Torres; Mr. Ricardo Perez; Mr. Otto Silvestrini, Mr. Joe Amaury Rosa; Mr. Carlos Shephard; Mr. Carlos Torres; Mr. Angel Rosario Sr., Mr. Angel Rosario Sierra; Mr. Ivan Cantero; Mr. Felipe Figueroa; Hector Roman; Enrique Burgos; and, Mr. Rafael Silvestrini.

Windsor Systems technical support executives have extensive training in communications and information technologies. Education includes manufacturer's training, subject matter expert sessions, and update training.

IT Programming Team

Windsor Systems Group has a unique information technology team. These professionals are true computer programmers and coders, who have hundreds of applications running in the market. The intellectual property generated by our coders is the backbone of our business olutions in the marketplace. The team is led by industry veteran Mr. Felipe Figueroa, Chief Technology Officer at Windsor and programmer in-charge of Scanmaster and WinBus grocery POS applications. The team includes Mr. Juan Carlos, Mr. Rafael Silvestrini and other external IT pros including CIO Angel Rosario Sr.  

Administration Team

Windsor Systems Group strives for efficiency and effectiveness in management. To achive our goals, an efficient group of professionals ensure proper administration of internal and external resources. The Administration Team is led by Mrs. Evelyn Toledo, formerly Administrator at SPS Group, Oracle, and Hewlett Packard. Under her command a group of executives help keep Windsor in top shape. 

Mrs. Toledo is supported by internal and external certified public accountants, finance, human resources, purchasing and procurement executives, including accountant Orlando Ortega.

Marketing Team

Windsor Systems Group is one of the few consulting firms in the industry to have a dedicated marketing and public relations unit to support internal and external opperations. This team is led by two licensed public affairs professionals and industry veterans: Mr. Oscar Cucurullo, former Colgate Palmolive Marketing Director and Citibank Vice President; and Mrs. Vivanne Garcia, former NCR Marketing Executive and Public Relations Executive at McDonanlds. The team also includes Ms. Valeria Rodriguez, MBA, and Mr. Gil Schmidt. The Marketing Team supports product managers in all brand management and business capture activites. 

Customer Service Team

Windsor Systems Group Customer Service Team includes a group skilled professionals whose primary goal is to best serve our customers. Customer Service Representatives include Mrs. Glorimar Perez, Mr. Omar Rodriguez, Mr. Hector Santos, Mr. Jeancarlo Negron, and Mr. Ricardo Perez. Windsor Systems' executives understand the importance of customer support beyond the traditional work week. Our staff can be reached by phone, Short Messaging System, email, fax, or emergency phone to give your business support of any type, anytime, and anywhere. Windsor Systems has the latest technology for Customer Relationship Management.

Sales Team

Windsor Systems Group Sales Business Unit has a unique group of seasoned sales executives. The sales team receives continuous education and training in technology, marketing and sales; they are pros that know the retail industry from different angles. The Sales Business Unit is led by industry veteran Mr. Jose Auffant, with 40 years in sales; Mr. Samuel de Jesus, past Territory Manager at CHS; and, assisted by Mr. Tomas Peña, past Territory Manager for Radio Shack in Puerto Rico and Sales Manager at Computer Paradise and Computerland. Most of our sales executives are past senior executives: Mr. Ivan Cantero, formerly at Comcast; Mr. Orlando Reyes, former Operations Manager at Pueblo, Mr. Frank Paret, past Sales Manager at IBM; Mr. Luis Salked, past Territory Manager for Hertz in Central America; Eng. Nelson Colon, former Sales Manager at Softek; Mr. Raul Cruz Franqui, former CIO at CRIM; Mr. Jose Collazo, past Sales Manager for Toshiba and Lexmark. 

Legal Affairs Team

Windsor Systems Group is one of the few consulting firms in the industry to have a dedicated business unit for legal and compliance affairs. This unit is led by Mrs. Alexandra Fernandez Navarro, Esq., a former senior executive at the Government of Puerto Rico. She served as lawyer in the Supreme Court, Administrative Judge and Legal Director in the Puerto Rico Telecommunications Board and Member of the Puerto Rico Permits Review Board. A true expert in telecom and information technology regulations, she is licensed to practice law in Puerto Rico, Florida and the US Federal Court System.  She is also a Director.

Repair Depot Team

The Repair Depot Team is led by Mr. Kike Burgos, who has been related to Windsor Systems Group since its founding in 1988. Our technicians are trained and certified professionals in communications and information technology. The local team is certified in networking, electronics, communications and the individual specifications for Fujitsu, Datalogic, Toshiba, Toshiba Tec, IBM, Hewlett Packard, IEE, Partner, Honeywell, Remote Eyes, NEC, Microsoft, Epson, Dascom, Glory, Lenovo, Panasonic, Cisco, Symantec, Imation, Retalix, NCR, Citizen, iDashboards, SAP, Oracle, VMWare, Mayan, Epson, Remote Eyes, etc.

Advisory Board

Windsor Systems Group support team includes a Board of Advisors with a unique group of industry veterans: Eng. Carlos Hamill; Mr. Claudio Medina, former Executive Director at MIDA, ASORE, Wholesalers Chamber of Commerce, and Union de Mayorista Coop; Ms. Susana Santamaria, CPA, former President at Blockbuster and Pueblo International Vice President; Mr. Juan Carlos Ramirez de Arellano, former agency chief at the Government of Puerto Rico; Mr. Juan Leon, Esq., former Secretary of Economic Development for the City of Caguas; Brigadier General Hector Sorrentini, MD, Commander of PR State Guard; and, Mr. Jose Gil, CPA, former Comptroller at Chiquita Banana. 

Logistics Team

Windsor Systems Group has a dedicated team to manage logistics inside and outside the organization. The team is led by SSG Victor Carrasco, a foreign war veteran with more than 20 years in the US Army as a supply and logistics specialist. His support staff includes Mr. Carlos Negron, Mr. Dennis Cora, and Mr. Omar Rodriguez. Together they support project managers to deliver their projects on-budget and on-time. Our staff coordinates all land, air, and sea transport with the support of primary and secondary couriers in the Americas. Windsor can coordinate pickup and drop ship any cargo to and from your location. The logistics team includes experienced licensed brokers.

R&D Team

Windsor Systems Group is one of the few consulting firms in the industry to have a full research and development unit. The R&D Team has a Computer & Test Lab under the management of Eng. Pedro Gallego and training facility overseen by Mrs. Aida Rios, who also runs our state of the art Retail Systems Showroom. The showroom has the latest technologies for front office, back office, warehousing, hardware, peripherals, accesories, and software solutions that increase efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability in the marketplace. Windsor has a demo room with a full supermarket aile, counter, automatic belt, cash register, scanning, receiving, warehousing & merchandising.

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